Welcome to The Digital Darkroom

The Digital Darkroom is a professional photographic and digital imaging studio located in Mahatma Gandhi Centre, 145 New North Road, Eden Terrace (We have more information on our News page). We are a low volume, high quality print studio offering a range of digital print and photographic services, specialising in prints on photographic and fine-art papers. We strive to deliver smooth tonal ranges without losing the vividness of a good punchy high contrast print


We produce quality digital photographic prints, in both large and small formats, for professional photographers and amateurs alike. In addition to this, we provide a range of digital services; from scanning negatives and retouching, to instant digital prints, we can cater for all your digital imaging needs.

Fine Art

The Digital Darkroom is dedicated to delivering prints to the highest standard. We specialise in fine art printing and offer a wide variety of leading, quality papers to choose from, as well as the expert advice to get the very best out of your print.


With the latest Fuji Xerox digital press technology, we deliver quality commercial print products.

Selecting the paper that will best complement your image is one of the most satisfying parts of printing.  We have a range of papers available of varying weights and finishes and can offer test strips to help you select the right stock to suit both your print and your budget. 

Talk to us to get a no obligation free quote or to enquire further about individual stocks and or check out our price list.

Most of the time we are not very interesting, simply printers, paper and ink.  Our customers, however, are fascinating.  Check out our news section for stories about customer projects that we are involved with.  We are not always boring (we hope) and there are occasional stories about special offers and new products.

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